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the 21st century in 3d. that's your eye on entertainment. sandra hughes, cbs news, hollywood. >> wow. >> is that what noise a smurf makes. >> i guess, i don't know. >> we'll find out when the movie comes out. good morning everybody, i'm surae chinn in for andrea roane. >> and i'm deck deck, here's angie -- mike hydeck, here's angie goff with traffic. first howl. still some 70s a few spots lucky enough to drop into the 60s this morning but enjoy it. it's going to be the nicest day this week. our day planner, calling for sunshine all day. with a high temperature right around that 90-degree mark. right now it's still 80 at reagan national and sunrise at 6:04 and moderate on the air quality. had a brief shower last night. stop the clock here. at about -- i was trying to stop the clock here at about
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1:30. maybe another loop. southern maryland, there they go with that brief shower. your temperatures they're running in the 60s in martinsburg and western maryland and western virginia. it's 80 on the bay and also in washington and 73 in leesburg. enjoy? we will thank you howard. right now i have a nice traffic report to match that. we have the green light on and we're going to begin with the maps notice there are no icons on here. that tells us there are no major incidents or accidents to tell you about at this time. a closer look at 95, moving outside, still a nice travel time. this time 66 we're tracking the eastbound trip and outside it reveals we're doing okay through centreville continuing to fairfax too inside the beltway. as for your travel times, let's begin in maryland on the outer loop --
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still ahead we're checking out the gw parkway going southbound, that's up at 5:another. back to -- 5:09. back to you. shocking allegations this morning as the mount rainier police officer. 27-year-old gene gillette is accused of trying to force sex on a man and then trying to kill him. >> he turned himself in last night at prince george's county police headquarters and that's where we find kristin fisher. >> reporter: good morning surae. well, this is the 12 count indictment and let me tell you it is shocking at times even scandalous. now some of the charges on here, 12 in total include things like attempted murder, attempted second degree sexual assault. first degree assault. false imprisonment. this list just goes on and on. now gene gillette the former police officer that is at the center of all this actually
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walked inside prince george's county police headquarters just last night. but the all started a month ago on july 2nd when he told investigators he had shot a man who was trying to carjack him in capital heights, but according to the indictment that was just a wild cover-up and the "washington post" is reporting that investigators now believe that gillette lured the man into his own home with the promise of making a pornographic movie. that's when gillette tried to sexually assault him. when the man refused gillette shot him multiple times as he tried to flee in gillette's car allegedly. here's what the state attorney said. >> it was because of the investigation. the investigators responded to the scene right away and they were able to through their investigation determine what happened and we were able to get an indictment. 12 counts based on their investigation. >> reporter: now gillette will be making his first court appearance later this morning. it's a bond hearing set in
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prince george's county court in upper marlboro. if convicted he faces up to life in prison. in the meantime as this goes on, his police powers have been revoked and he's been suspended without pay. surae, mike? >> all right thank you kristin. well, fairfax county police have released a photo of their suspect in a series of shopper slashings. investigators believe he's behind at least five attacks. the latest one happened monday at fair oaks mall. an 18-year-old woman was slashed across the buttocks inside the forever 21 store. police say her attacker dropped something in front of the woman then slashed her with a box cutter or something similar. four of the attacks have happened at stores in the fair oaks area. the fifth at tyson's corner. police have now charged a 16-year-old as an adult with kidnapping an infant from baltimore. officers found boozer and ki'yauhn birch in d. c..
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boozer took off with the baby after being asked to watch him. investigators have not commented on possible motive in the case though. a man accused of spying for pakistan has been released on a $100,000 bond. a federal judge in alexandria placed seed fai under home detention with home monitoring. it outlines a conversation where he talks about how much cream he still needs to receive. espionage experts believe that's what's called an open code to name the amount of money needed. fai head of the american council in d. c. and that capacity he made donations to capitol hill lawmakers including jim moran. congressman david woo is now bowing to calls for his resignation. according to his hometown newspaper a young woman says the oregon democrat forced himself on her back in november. but she never pressed charges. newspaper says woo told staff members the sexual encounter
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was consensual. the latest your money report of the morning. >> that's what everybody is talking about is the debt ceiling and even wall street. >> that's right i mean this is the only game in right now. all bets -- town right now. all bets are off until this debt ceiling debate is resolved and yet again, investors hyperfocussed on capitol hill and the white house today. the dow stapping this morning at 12,501. down 91 points in trading yesterday. the s&p off by five and a half points. whole foods reports earnings after the closing bell. it is also can'ted to lay out -- expected to lay out expansion plans that may include opening stores at soon to be vacant borders books locations. we're going to have to see if investors have the appetite for the ipo today. the parent company of dunkin'
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donuts and baskin-robbins, placing the ipo at $19 a share. it will trade starting today under the symbol dnkm. it's raising about $423 million for the company and producer heather was not happy with me that i didn't bring in doughnuts this morning. ill see if i can remedy that situation. >> that's going to be interesting if that does well -- >> it's a food company. i mean it's not a hot internet stock and it's had problems in the past. it's going to be one to watch. well, nfl fans very excited that the lockout is over. we'll bring you proof of that coming up. still ahead, more severe weather strikes and the same spot hit by tornadoes earlier this year. that's coming up. plus the capitol hill lawmakers tries to make his point with president obama by getting arrested in front of the white house. and ahead in sports with the nfl lockout over, it appears the redskins are cooking up a quarterback trade. more on that, stay with us.
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5:09, a nice morning? what's going to be the finest day of the week and actually some comfortable afternoon highs right around the 90- degree mark. but it gets worse tomorrow. and even more so on friday. today we'll see mid 80s by lunchtime. upper 80s to around 90s for the drive home. lower humidity levels but tomorrow mid 90s with more humidity will come back with the rest of the seven day forecast next time i talk to you. here's angie with the timesaver traffic. a look at virginia's george washington parkway, that
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southbound trip right now looking pretty smooth from the beltway to the key bridge. still ahead a look at roads around the region. that's coming up in my next report. making news now, at least 19 people have died in south korea after a torrential downpour triggered flash flooding and landslides. ten of the victims were college students who had been doing volunteer work. one child is missing. hundreds of people are trying to find more victims who were trapped in mud and debris. maybe it's time to move out of massachusetts for one family. some people in massachusetts got yet another severe weather scare tuesday. storms left a trail of damage in the same areas that were hit by tornadoes last month and in fact trees came down on a top of a trailer one of the victims is living in because their home is getting repaired from the tornadoes. an illinois congressman was arrested by park police outside the white house yesterday during an immigration protest. democrat luis gutierrez says president obama has the power
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to stop deporting immigrants with deep roots in the u.s.. guttierrez paid a $100 fine and was released. now, they're valued at millions of dollars but some experts call them priceless. the presidential historian is accused of stealing documents from the maryland historical society. more on that at 5:39. at 5:23, one redskin tweets about the other team he's the talks with. and next at 5:14. howard says make those outdoor plans for today. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at can help your kids' school get extra stuff. ♪ like musical instruments.
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♪ and new art supplies. ♪ because they're the only cereals with box tops for education. last year, schools earned over ten million dollars from big g cereals. you can raise money for your kids' school. look for this logo... only on big g cereals. you can make a difference. every cereal box counts.
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weather first time now coming up on 5:15, mr. howard bernstein in with day that's still bearable before it turns for the worst. today, hot and dry. very comfortable out there, if you like to go outside and just enjoy mother nature and what she has to offer, today is going to be a good day. and then we're back in the heat and humidity. the day planner, anyone all day today. don't forget the sunscreen. this is day where the uv is way up there. and you'll get a burn if you're not taking care of yourself. 87 at 1:00 and winds out of the north and northwest at 5 to 10 miles an hour. be at 90 for the high today
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with the humidity levels still in check until tomorrow and friday. even worse than that. satellite and radar, pretty quiet overnight although a little batch came through. those are at the east now. naval air station and pax river is 80. but a more comfortable 68 in cumberland, easton 75 and even to the ocean city and georgetown, delaware temperatures upper 70s this morning: locally 79 from alexandria, college park, 75. 70 in gaithersburg while it's 75 in centreville. haymarket 71 degrees 73 degrees from lee and fort belvoir while national sits at 80 with partly cloudy skies. humidity levels are fine, the dew points in the low 60s. last friday it was in the upper 70s to around 80. the lower the number the more comfortable it is. we have a cold front to the
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south ask the drier air in area. high pressure just west of toronto this morning giving us a fine looking wednesday. but through tonight and tomorrow, this front gets closer and closerment on the other side of the warm front, the hot and humid air is going to be building in thursday and thursday night and even more so on friday. friday probably will be the worst day of the next seven as temperatures once again shoot into the upper 90s. but it is going to be a pretty hot sticky weekend around here as well with the chance for storms. into the tropics because we're watching a very interesting area of something developing potentially here in the yucatan straits here just southwest of cuba and maybe this could become a tropical system here  over the next day or so. when we look at the models the intensity forecast, tropical storm, maybe a strong one maybe a weak hurricane, but to friday at 5:00, the spread of where this thing could go, anywhere from northern mexico potentially toward the houston area. and then inland. well, a tropical storm or
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hurricane is never good news. terrible drought going on in texas and so if we can get this thing into south texas, that would help maybe alleviate or start to alleviate the drought dance down there. for us -- conditions down there. for us, going to have a great day. sunshine and temperatures around the 90s this afternoon, but not so much tomorrow and friday. hot and humid, 96 tomorrow anded 9 friday. chance for few afternoon storms friday. back to the low to mid- 90s for the weekend into monday with the chance for mainly afternoon thunderstorms here and there. angie goff stepping in. how's that list of traffic incidents looking? you know overall not so bad, but we have the yellow light with a new tie-up that is definitely going to slow down some people. it's in virginia, what we're finding is route 110 at i-66. all lanes temporarily blocked with fire crews on the scene responding to a car fire. something to remember early. we're going to continue to follow this and bring you the
5:18 am
latest details. meanwhile other parts of the region looking just fine out there. no major incidents or accidents to report. just the outer loop is moving well from 95 to 270. back to the graphics and this time we'll shift our focus on up to 270. we've been tracking that trip out of urbanna, notice the green cars on the map? this is how it translates outside. no bumper to bumper just yet. it's pretty much smooth sailing still from 80 to 109 continuing past german town to the lane divide. as far as your travel times are concerned, we're in virginia -- still ahead, surae and mike, i check on 395 in virginia. could donovan mcnabb be shipped out in the next day or so in well the nfl rumor mill is off and running. plus, the redskins resign one of the top receivers.
5:19 am
more team news coming up next in sports. but before we head to break, it's time to take a look at the question of the morning -- >> now here's a response you left on wusa9's facebook fan page, debra bean wrote -- >> what do you think? log on to wusa9's facebook fan page and leave your response and we'll reveal the answer later this morning. [ cherie ] i always had a job, ever since i was fourteen.
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i could not make working and going to school work. it was not until the university of phoenix
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that i was able to work full-time, be a mom, and go to school. the opportunities that i had at the university of phoenix, dealing with professionals teaching things that they were doing every day, got me to where i am today. i'm mayor cherie wood, i'm responsible for the largest urban renewal project in utah, and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] find your program at
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5:21, we are looking at a nice start out there. lots of 70s a few 60s and yeah, still 80-degrees here in town and on the bay. by being close to water, it's nice but at times it also keeps us a little on the warm side. as we go through the morning hours temperatures won't be moving all that much. lunchtime looking good out there, lots of sunshine and mid 80s across region with high temperatures today around the 90-degree mark, get out and enjoy. thank you howard. one redskin lefts the world know who else is courting him via twitter. >> and after spending a decade with his first team, donovan mcnabb could be moving on just after one year with the redskins. brett haber has more on the nfl rumor mill in your morning
5:23 am
sports. >> reporter: good morning everybody. remember how renee zellweger and kenny chesney split up after six months and pretended the marriage didn't happen? donovan mcnabb could sue for lack of support or maybe even abandonment. yahoo sports reporting that the vikings and redskins have a deal to ship mcnabb to minnesota in exchange for one or two sixth or seventh round picks. this is a year after the skins gave up a second and a third to get mcnabb from the eagles. meanwhile, mcnabb's favorite target will be staying in washington. reports are that the skins will sign santana moss to a three year, $15 million deal. he had a career-high 93 receptions last year. he just turned 32. not sure what other teams approached santana, but apparently cornerback philip buchanan had offers from the
5:24 am
redskins and jets, tweets from yesterday -- he may be the first free agent in history to sign based on twitter feedback. you can tell him what you think @ philipbuchanan. as for the rest of the team, among the players who reported to redskins park on tuesday. quarterback john beck was there after getting turned away at the gatehouse the day before because the security guard didn't know who he was. many of us don't eithe . light ken yesterday, but whatever -- conditioning yesterday, but whatever yesterday was, boy it felt good. >> st the good to be back. -- it's good to be back. just concentrating on football. >> it feels real good, getting acclimated. it's like a family back together you ain't seen in a period of time. >> i really missed that brian orakpo baritone. i'm brett haber, have a great morning everybody.
5:25 am
this morning the nationals may be wishing for the former version of jordan zimmerman because the current one is letting the ergos score a lot. -- other guys score a will the. two bad starts -- a lot. two bad starts in a row and the bullpen gave up more and the nats lose 11-2. the scramble for game tickets is on in a big day with the return of the nfl. must, how the cut -- plus, how the debt ceiling debate could jeopardize projects. 395 northbound finding the lains wide open past duke street to the pentagon and beyond. a check on your d. c. drive when 9news now returns in my next timesaver traffic up at 5:29. keep it here.
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welcome back everybody, i'm surae chinn, andrea has the day off today. >> and i'm mike hydeck, what
5:29 am
day is it again? wednesday? who is is that? >> someone's hair is causing a storm in your ear, we apologize. maybe you didn't hear that really loud noise we just heard hopefully. i think everybody heard it. >> here's howard. >> tvs up they heard it. >> weather-wise, great morning out there. humidity levels are down, most temperatures root now in the 70s and we'll be around 90 this afternoon. the day planner looking at highs today around that 90- degree mark and 80 at 9:00 and 86 at noon. look at all the sunshine. hot but not humid today. and code yellow moderate on the air quality. we are looking at clear skies here although overnight there was a brief shower down southern maryland, the northern neck over to the eastern shore. that is now gone. and your temperatures as you get ready to head out this morning in the 60s in western maryland and western virginia. culpeper is 72. fredericksburg a warmer 77 while frederick is very comfortable 66.
5:30 am
80 on the bay across the bay in the mid 70s and in town we sit now at 830 degrees, around 90 later on. a nice day. angie goff, people want to know the road conditions. i know we want the keep you up to speed on the one tie-up we are following, yellow light stays on. over to virginia where we have a northbound 110 right now all lanes temporarily blocked near the exit to go westbound on 66. now this is because we have a car fire out there and fire response crew out that way so you're definitely going to want to avoid the area. meanwhile as promised your district drive and we're going to move it outside small camera tour for you beginning with northwest d. c.. still very nice and light out here at 14th and independence. shifting gears taking you to northeast, rhode island avenue at south dakota, that's going to be our next shot and it looks like no problems to report. lanes are wide open. as far as your trains are concerned, early on this wednesday morning, metro, vre and marc are all riding on
5:31 am
time. still ahead a look at the car fire on 110. now back to you. thanks angie. today house speaker john boehner will be revising his debt ceiling plan instead of holding a vote on it. >> that's because officials determined the bill would not cut $1.2 trillion from the budget like he promised. he's hoping for a vote tomorrow instead and even before that, came to light, some tea party republicans have problems with the plan. >> they're talking about $1.6 trillion in reductions over 10 years. that's a promise for future reductions and history shows us that no congress has ever honored a previous congress' promises to cut spending. >> i think the pet made clear that -- president made clear that option that the majority leader put forward was a better option than the speaker of the house put forward. >> president obama is leaning toward the plan from a fellow democrat, senate majority leader harry reid even though neither of the plans includes
5:32 am
the tax hikes the president would like to see. a local man is now facing sexual assault and attempted murder charges. and the suspect is a police officer. the former mount rainier officer turned himself in at prince george's county police headquarters. 9news now reporter kristin fisher is there live now. >> reporter: yeah, this story is so crazy. i mean here you have a police officer who allegedly tried to sexually assault another man. and then, tried to kill him. and what's worse according to this indictment right here, he did it willfully and with premeditated malice. we're talking about 27-year-old gene gillette. he's a mount rainier police officer who turned himself in here at prince george's county police headquarters yesterday evening. initially he said he shot a man back on july 2nd who was trying to scar jack him -- carjack him in capital heights, but that
5:33 am
was just a crazy overup. the role story according to the "washington post" is that investigators believe gillette conned the man into his home by promising a make a pornographic movie with other women. there were no women and gillette tried to allegedly sexually assault the man and gillette shot him multiple times allegedly. gillette is now facing 12 counts including attempted murder and attempted second degree sexual fence and making his first court appearance in just three hours in prince george's county court in upper marlboro. back to you mike. >> thank you kristin. this story just gets stranger it seems thanks. today marion berry's son christopher is scheduled to appear in court on drug distribution charges. court documents filed this month show police arrested the younger berry in late may. officers say they went to the 31-year-old's apartment after being tipped about a fight possibly there. once they got inside the apartment, they found five sandwich bags full of marijuana
5:34 am
and a vial of pcp. this morning, what's called a casing of the color ceremony will bring an end to operations at the walter reed army medical center. the center is being combined with the national naval medical center. the two will form the new walter reed national military medical center in bethesda. the army's premiere medical treatment facility has been open for 102 years, all the patients at the current d. c. location will be transferred to the bethesda campus over the next month. the georgia avenue campus will close on september 15th. they are warning the whole dulles rail project could be in jeopardy if congress doesn't act on the debt ceiling, the chairwoman says the federal government's problems could lead to fairfax's bond rating being cut which would then threaten all capital improvement projects including the county's share of the metro silver line. you can read more of her
5:35 am
comments in today's "washington examiner." 5:34 right now and it's another time to lookout your -- at your money. >> that's right, jessica is back with a plan to get your car go to further. >> if only it was my plan. i could take credit for it. here's a question for you, how would you like your truck to get 55 miles per gallon on the highway? >> i'd like my car to. >> that would help the monthly budget and the obama administration says it is close to a deal with automakers to boost fuel economy. right now it looks like both sides, the white house and the big three are getting closer together on these new standards. they're honing in on 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. last month the administration floated 56.2 miles per gallon. but you won't have to wait that long. automakers raising the fuel standards to 35.5 miles per gallon by 2016.
5:36 am
struggling clothing company american apparel is teaming up with ebay to create an online store. the store is expected to debut in september. american apparel says ebay gets more than 30,000 searches for its clothing each month. and fans pretty psyched the nfl lockout is now over. here's the proof. ticket master says sales were up get this -- 332% on monday from the day before. up 294% from the previous monday. of course players approved new deal on monday and then four and a half month lockout and football fans very happy they did so. >> uh-huh. >> uh-huh. >> very interesting. >> thanks jess. presidential historian charged with stealing precious documents from a local historical society, details coming up. mrs., how oysters have -- plus, how oysters have a new home and are helping to clean the waters of the bay. it's now time for the united airlines travel
5:37 am
forecast. i know your plans may take you out of town. 75 at dulles this morning with a northwest wind at 7. so some of the drier air trying to move in and we'll see sunshine across the ohio valley looking at pittsburgh, detroit 87. chicago though, 92 with some thunderstorms later today. 100 in st. louis while denver in the upper 80s with a chance for a few storms. to the southwest, vegas and phoenix around 105. on the west coast looking good in l. a., it's 71 and also nice in san francisco and seattle in the low 70s but reno today, hot, 94.
5:38 am
5:38 on this wednesday morning. hope you're having a great start to this day and it's going to be one of the nicer
5:39 am
days of the week has humidity levels are still in check. 70s to around 80 right now. weal talk about today and expecting sunshine all day. enjoy it today. upper 80s there by 3:00. highs around 90-degrees. heat if humidity will be building as soon as tomorrow. talk more about that? a few minutes. right now we're going inside to angie goff. thank you howard. we're taking a look at northbound 110, up to speed on the very latest out of virginia. what we have here is a car fire, this is near the ramp to access westbound 66. please avoid the area. still ahead a look around the regionen that's coming up here in a few more moments. over to you. thanks angie. a maryland judge has set bail at half a million dollars for a presidential historian and a collector. 63-year-old barry landau and his assistant, jason savedoff
5:40 am
are accused of stealing documents from the maryland historical society. police say they were called after employees spots the pair trying to walk out with a document. then a search turned up dozens of more missing documents worth millions of dollars. a little gardening work is helping clean-up the chesapeake bay and you know who's doing it? oysters. it's called oyster gardening. volunteers transferred thousands of young oysters raised in cages on to a man made reef yesterday. the reef was built where the river empties into the bay. this is no oyster farming operation. it's all about revitalizing the chesapeake. organizers say a single oyster can filterup to 55 gallons of water a day. imagine a future where you never needed to get another flu vaccine. it could be coming sooner than you think. plus, mcdonald's announces a change to make its happy meals a little happier. let's see who's celebrating a birthday today before the break today --
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on your wednesday and you will need sunglasses and you might even want to step outside for lunch. >> yeah, it's really pretty comfortable out there. i know it's a little sticky to the south and southern maryland and parts of the northern neck, but this is going to be the nicest day for the rest of the week. i'm sorry to tell you. but also want to tell you to get out while you can because the heat and humidity will be returning and not maybe -- not as bad as last week, but it's
5:45 am
going to be pretty hot and humid around here starting tomorrow and friday. the outside story talking about the 90-degree days we've had already this year. so far 33 times we have hit 90 since june 1st. that's 90 or plus, 100 a you the full-times since -- few times since june 1st. we're not even into august yet and we're going to to make a run into the 40s and even 50s. last year was a hot summer, 52 times when we hit 90 and the record is 55 days, we have a chance at that. only 22 about you know, 40 days to do it or so, so 38 whatever it is and we have a chance. don't want to do it but it's realistic to think that we could have the record number of 90-degrees days this summer. day planner this side will be better, 80-degree, north winds at 8 miles per hour with sunshine here towards the 9:00 hour. 11:00, 84. 1:00 p.m. 87. northwesterly wind at 8 miles an hour. that's pretty nice. humidity levels still in check.
5:46 am
then this afternoon, we're looking at upper 80s to low 90s for highs again with the northwesterly winds at 5 to 1 miles an hour. but the heat, the humidity, they will be returning tomorrow. 80 down south at pax river naval air station. it's 70 for winchester, gaithersburg and the lower 60s now for western maryland. dew point is of 61 and watch the number tomorrow. upper 60s and low 70s tomorrow and friday. last week though was near 80 and that was friday into saturday when it was just really oppressive outside. the heat still big time in kansas and missouri. talking air temperatures 100 plus in many of the areas and north of the area, big thunderstorms, the ridge of the heat below it on top of that boy, strong to severe storms this morning from wisconsin back into parts of nebraska. that's going to be moving east
5:47 am
and it will starlet to kick the area of high pressure that's with us now out of the way. this high so nice when it came in, gave us a break at least for a couple of days. but into tomorrow, we'll notice the warm front coming back with the heat and the humidity. most of it is going to stay north of the mason-dixon line on thursday night. but some will slip down to the northern part of maryland thursday night. other than that, pretty quiet but turning more hot and more humid. 90 today. tomorrow, 96. friday, 9 # and there's a threat with the afternoon storm on friday. with the heat and the humidity around. and then over the weekend, well, low to mid- 90s saturday and sunday with scattered mainly afternoon storms and monday back to 96 before drying back a little into tuesday. high again above 90-degrees, angie goff with the timesaver traffic. we have the yellow light on with the one tie-up out in virginia. good wednesday morning everien,
5:48 am
straight to the maps, we have some better news for you. 110 headed southbound at the ramp to go westbound on 66, still have the car fire this, but the good news is that they're only blocking one right lane now and police are directing traffic around it. you are getting by. 66 drivers, we have some volume outside around the 234 exit overall still doing okay approaching the capital beltway. back to the realtime graph thicks, this time on down to 95. so far, so good with the northbound trip. a good amount of volume is building right here between the prince william parkway and 123. the day on the delay. over to the outer loop we go, from 95 to 270 -- still ahead your next timesaver traffic report, to start off the 6:00 hour. mike, over to you. thanks angie. making news now at 5:48 the morning, the man convicted of
5:49 am
the lockerbie bombing has been shown on libyan tv. al dell al ma graph hee was seen in a wheelchair. he was released from a scottish prison almost two careers ago when doctors -- years ago when doctors said he didn't have much longer to live. british officially recognized libyan levels as the country's libyan government. an investigation is understood way into an incursion over the u.s. border by mexican soldiers. they were september back into mexico. a mexican army statement says once the units were on the bridge, they had no choice but to cross because they couldn't turn around. there's hope for a permanent vaccine against all strains of the flu in the next five to 10 years. that's according to frances collins, the led of the national -- head of the national institute o health. it would target the part of the flu virus that stays constant.
5:50 am
9news now has learned embattled d. c. councilman harry thomas is telling supporters he plans to remain in office. >> the ward 5 representative agreed though to repay $300,000 that the city's attorney general says he illegally converted for his own use. bruce johnson has the latest developments. >> reporter: d. c. major gray today weighed in on the harry thomas probe saying it's premature to call for the resignation. >> what i think is that the justice process ought to continue to play out. >> reporter: the councilman wells joined his colleagues catania and cheh in saying he should voluntarily step down from the council. >> the attorney general made a very serious charge that mr. thomas used over $300,000 meant for youth programs and spent it on himself. >> reporter: councilman thomas remained unavailable for comment today, but he met last night privately with key supporters and said he plans to
5:51 am
continue serving on the d. c. council. he told the gathering he could not discuss his $300,000 settlement or any parts of his case now under review by federal prosecutors. only the people here in ward 5 have the authority to remove him from office. they do that through a recall. the council members don't have the authority merely because he agreed to settle a civil lawsuit and repay that $300,000. >> i still support him. >> reporter: joe phillips worked on harry thomas' last campaign and his late father's many campaigns before that. the residents will await the outcome before passing judgment. >> i think he ought to stay the course and go on and pay that money and wait on the u.s. attorney and see what happens with that. he has to go too trial, then go to trial. >> reporter: harry thomas already repaid $50,000 and he's got five more such payments
5:52 am
make and his attorney is establishing a legal defense fund on his behalf. bruce john on, 9news now. >> as part of the settlement, councilman thomas admitted no wrongdoing but the attorney general claims that thomas used money meant for youth baseball programs for golf outings, hotels, trips, even an expensive suv. well, it's time to take another look at the question of the morning -- >> well, here's a look at responses you posted on the wusa9 facebook fan page. here's one chris wrote -- >> log on to wusa9's facebook page and leave your response and we'll reveal the answer in about an hour from now. mcdonald's happy meals will look different this fall. the fast food chain announced it would add apple slices and reduce the portion of french fries. right now customers can replace
5:53 am
the fries with apples but even though most people know that, only 11% have been ordering apples with the happy meals. the care mel dip that now -- caramel dip is going away when the new meals debut. speaking of that, today thousands of people in ohio will start flocking to the state fair in columbus. but they have shown off one of the biggest attractions. butter screw uptures, in addition to the -- sculptures, in addition to the cow, a sculptor created a replica of the cockpit of the space shuttle with a floating astronaut complete in it. i'm hoping it's coming up any minute now. the cows look great. maybe we'll show you the space shuttle later. >> it melted. there it is. okay. got it. okay, we have a little bit of breaking redskins' news now. espn is reporting that washington finalized a 6-year- old -- has finalized something with a member of the new york
5:54 am
giants. a six year deal, not a 6-year- old. a six year deal. >> they're becoming desperate. >> with defensive tackle barry cofield last season, 27-year- old had a career-high 54 tackles and four sacks. no word yet on the dollar amount. it's a six year deal. remember the redskins gave another defensive tackle albert haynesworth a $100 million contract and we know how that worked out. a celebrity who just got divorced last year is announcing another breakup. plus, we have some proof some shoppers will go hunting for deals no matter how miserable the conditions. jessica? well, everybody is talking about the debt ceiling debate nowadays, the debt mageddon. but how bad are things getting? that's coming up at 6:02. you're watching 9news now.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. 5:56. mainly clear skies out there. comfortable morning, still on the warm side, readings which are mainly in the 70s. by 9:00 into low 80s in few spots and lunchtime looking pretty good here. 11:45, 84 if town and 80 in winchester 85 at tappahannock.
5:58 am
lots of sunshine. upper 80s to low 90s for highs, angie? oh my goff, another year. another breakup for jesse james. james and actress sandra bullock divorced last year when she discovered he was cheating only days after oning the oscar. now james is calling off the engagement to a fellow reality tv star. l. a. ink's kat von d. they had difficulties maintaining a long distance relationship between his home in texas with her tattoo parlor in los angeles. okay, it was so hot outside you could fry an egg on the sidewalk but many people decided to shop anyway. bethesda row hosted a summer sidewalk selfisming a major -- show featuring a major markdown. many shoppers did their business before noon to beat the heat and live music helped to keep the mood cool. you can call it not so nice
5:59 am
four letter lullaby. the bedtime story for parents that has taken households by storm. more than 100,000 copies of "go the blank to sleep" have sold and now you have a chance to get you a copy and also meet the author. adam mans back, he's going to be signing copies of his expletive laced children's book for parents, it's tonight at pga clark's at 8:00 p.m. that's 1600 k street in northwest d. c. in washington's tower center. remember you can get more information on this on my blog. of course you can send me the ideas on facebook, >> your kids or for yourself? >> no, it is for adults. it's definitely for adults. you might want to show them the pictures, you don't want to read the words to them. thank you for waking up with us, you're joining us now

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